What Happens If I Crash and That is Not Mine

Vehicles are useful to the normal life of human beings as they facilitate movement from place to place. Not everyone has a car and there are instances where you may be forced to borrow a car. We know that you can think of one point or another you had to borrow a car or lend your vehicle to some else, which is a normal situation.

However, when there is an accident involved in such scenarios, it can be quite confusing for most people. Most motorists do not know what action to take when they crash a car that is not theirs. If you are in the same boat, this article will address the issue and hopefully answer all your questions. Please read on to the end.

Wrong Information about Accident Insurance for Lent Cars

There are some misconceptions that have been floated around about car lending and accident insurance. While most people do not know this, most insurance policies do not revolve around the person taking the policy but the vehicle. Ideally, an insurance policy should make it easier for you and your loved ones to drive the car and be covered. However, you should take note that your insurance will only cover a person who was driving with your permission. There is a term used by insurance companies known as permissive use, which may be a part of your policy.

Permissive use means that those who are allowed by the policyholder to drive the car are covered. This is why it is important to understand the specific policy that you are taking for your vehicle. The other misconception is assuming that all insurance policies are the same, which is far from the truth. There will be policies that do not have a provision for permissive use and have specific people named in the policy, who will be covered by the insurance.

Car Accident Injuries

If you have suffered car accident injuries after a crash, there are many claims that you can make. However, you will need a professional lawyer who understands insurance matters to help you out. When you crash a vehicle that does not belong to you, the best option would be to contact a lawyer immediately. Insurance companies are not keen to pay compensation and as such, they may bring in a lot of confusion. An experienced lawyer will take the time to investigate the case and determine the best approach to build a strong case.

Talking to an Auto Accident Lawyer Helps

Have you been involved in an accident and the driver is not the owner of the vehicle? Have you crashed a car that does not belong to you? You have nothing to worry about as all you need is to find a reputable auto accident attorney to help you. There are many legal actions that can be taken and it will only make sense to find an experienced lawyer for the same. This gives you an upper hand to negotiate with insurance companies.