Washington Area Bicyclists in Tandem Society

The Washington Area Bicyclists in Tandem Society (WABITS) are a group of tandem bicyclists from the Metro DC Area. We are affiliated with Potomac Pedalers, one of the largest cycling clubs in the country.
WABITS has tandem-only rides and events throughout the year.

We encourage tandemmers to join Potomac Pedalers in order to access our tandem ride schedule and club events.

Please email them your ride date and description.  Remember, this is a volunteer group and we depend on you to volunteer to lead a ride.

Potomac Pedalers is a non-profit educational, recreational and social organization for bicycling enthusiasts. We are one of the largest bicycle clubs in the United States, and the largest in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area. Potomac Pedalers is affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists.

Our energies are directed primarily toward providing a weekend ride schedule to accommodate the experience and ability of each member, whether novice or veteran.

Saturday and Sunday rides number more than 1,000 each year, comprehensively covering the variable terrain of the National Capital metropolitan area and the surrounding countryside. Distances typically range from 10 miles to 75 miles, and average speeds range from 8 to more than 20 miles per hour.

After-work rides are offered each weekday evening during the summer, and on or or two weekday evenings during the off-season. We also sponsor several overnight, out-of-town special weekend events and an annual Back Roads Century (with ride distances up to 100 miles).

The purpose and organization of Potomac Pedalers are described in our Bylaws. The Club is governed by an Executive Committee. Its nine members are elected to one- or two-year terms at the Annual Meeting, held each January. The Executive Committee meets monthly at the time and place published in each issue of our newsletter, the Pedal Patter. Members are welcome to attend these meetings.

Buying a bike can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can also be a bit intimidating because you may not know enough about the products you’re looking at, and feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. Once you know the basics, you’ll have enough knowledge and ammunition to zero-in on exactly what’s best for you.

Hybrid Bikes

Anyone who hasn’t ridden in a while (years), and begins looking for a new bike, is going to automatically run to the nearest shop and get a hybrid. Why, because they look more comfortable than a road bike. You can sit up straight and hold your arms out in front of you. A road bike looks too difficult to use because you’re all hunched over and “racing”.

After they buy their hybrid they’ll find out that it’s great for riding around town; traveling bike paths; going to the store; and any number of other short distance rides. Once they become a stronger rider, their 10 mile ride will turn into 15 mile trips. And a month later they’ll be riding 20 miles because of the challenge. It’s at this point they begin to realize that everyone on a road bike is passing them by. Why? Because road bikes are faster, lighter, and have a better riding position.

Now that same person goes on a 30 mile ride and finds out how hard it is to pedal their bike this distance. Their wrists are sore, their posterior and other body parts hurt, and they don’t know why. The answer is – it’s because they’re riding a hybrid bike. These are great for short rides, but not a good choice for long ones.

After a few months of riding that “perfect” hybrid bike, they’re back at the shop looking at road bikes.

So before you go out and get a hybrid, be absolutely sure you don’t plan on riding long distances. Although you can certainly do long rides on hybrids, they’re not as comfortable or efficient as a road bike.

Choosing a hybrid bike is pretty simple. You’ll want lots of gears (triple chainring), perhaps some shock absorption, an aluminum frame, and not spend a lot of money. You can go into any bike shop, close your eyes and point. Right in front of you will be a hybrid that meets these qualifications. It’s simply a matter of how much you want to spend. More expensive bikes have better shifters, better braking and lighter frames. Take some for a test ride and choose your winner.

The very best aspect of the stylist at Tampines is the fact that every lady who goes into has an experience that will certainly never be failed to remember. Their hair can be shorter or less curly, but it can also be curlier if that is what you want. They understand that as a lady, you were not birthed with the hair that you always desired. They know just how to make it right. They recognize that daily we do things to harm our hair and also they understand just how to fix the problems that living life has actually created. What more could you wish for?

When you see the very best beauty parlor in Singapore, you can have anything you want done to your hair colour in Singapore. You can select a cut as well as design, or perhaps have them do a hairstyle, rebonding & treatment. This procedure can eliminate some of your all-natural curl and replace it with straighter hair that lays where you want it to be. Their hope is that when you see on your own in the mirror after spending a little time with them, you enjoy who you see looking back at you.

When you determine you are ready for a hair colour treatment in Singapore, a hairdresser in Singapore is a great selection. They strive to exceed as well as past your expectations to accomplish the greatest feasible customer satisfaction. While you are there, your every requirement will certainly be met, and also you can cover it off with a facial massage and a hairstyle that surpasses anything you ever before visualized your hair having the ability to do. They are there to aid you come to be one of the most beautiful you, so that you can really feel much better than ever concerning your hair.

A new "you" can give you confidence to face the difficulties that all of us take care of each day. It can be a way for you to celebrate a significant life modification such as a new job or a brand-new companion to like. A face-lift can provide you a higher self-worth to make sure that you feel you can go out with that hot man at the office. Every woman or man available can gain from an adjustment in their look. The easiest means to have it is to alter your hair a little. Are you prepared to see what your hair can really do?

There is a hair stylist at Tampines that can help you tame the hair you have. They can offer you hair colour Singapore that will remove the frizz and include more design to it. They can cut it to provide it the style that you have constantly desired. They placed initiative into taking your hair to the following degree to ensure that you can become better with the way your hair looks.

When you are ready to be spoiled, there is an expert waiting on you. They comprehend what your hair needs, whether it is harmed or simply does not fit your face well. They can execute miracles with a haircut, rebonding & treatment. They can include color to assist you conceal the grays, which will certainly distribute your age. They are likewise able to include strong colors if you want to show off your wild side a little. Your desire is their command, all you have to do is have a good time and also kick back a little.

Have you ever desired that you could have hair that looked excellent and also would certainly constantly do what you desired it to do? If so, you are not alone. Ladies all over the globe want stunning, healthy hair that we can show off. The fact is, a lot of the females that you covet for their wonderful locks were not born with it. They have educated it, and also numerous have actually likewise taken their hair care distress to a terrific hair salon in Singapore, to make sure that they might have the hair that they have constantly wanted.

You might additionally choose to have a transformation before a big occasion. A lot of brides desire a new hairdo prior to they claim, "I Do". We feel that you are worthy of to have the hair that you desire on your big day. The very same holds true for all your new bride’s house maids, mother, and extra. Whether you are claiming your vows or just going to a senior prom, having a new hairstyle can make you feel like the princess you are on that day. Our hairdresser is made to unwind you and make certain that you go out feeling like a better, extra beautiful lady.

A fantastic means to learn where you can relocate your expanding company to is to as a real estate agent that focuses on office for rental fee. Once you have decided what sort of place you desire and where you wish to lie, they can aim you in the best direction on where to discover it. It is their task to ensure that you obtain the ideal place for your workplace and they will certainly try to place your firm right into a building that is budget plan pleasant for you.

You can select new office space for rent Singapore in a brand-new facility or you can take up area inside of an already established structure. All you have to do is consider which zone you want to be within and also you minimum or maximum price variety. If you are not extremely concerned with where your new area is located, you can pick the kind of office building you are wishing to locate. Do you want an industrial park service, a retail shop, or a healthcare facility?

You have choices when it concerns a office space for rent Singapore. If you do not recognize all of your options, you can miss out on one that might have conveniently fit your demands far better than the one you are currently in. With a leasing, there is likewise no long term commitment in your place. That implies that as your business grows, your office can change as it requires to in order to maintain you as well as your employees better.

By selecting to update your office as well as move to a various one, you can allow yourself to increase. There are office services available that are little sufficient for only a few staff members as well as there are workplaces that may occupy a whole flooring of a high. You just need to determine what it will certainly take for you to be comfortable within your new office.

Wherever you are in Singapore, it is very easy to find out where there is office space for rent Singapore by https://www.citicommercial.com.sg. It is readily available to people that are starting on a new business venture as well as it is wonderful for companies that are simply aiming to increase. You can be in a small company area and also wish to move in a midtown area. You can pick to move from a small workplace facility to a larger high that will certainly make your business look more professional. The option is your own.

Are points around your workplace a little chaotic up with individuals, desks, and also other stuff? Do your employees appear to invest their entire day stumbling over a person they collaborate with instead of actually getting what they require to do finished? If so, possibly it is time for you to upgrade your office space so that every person can move around a little simpler. Luckily, there has actually never ever been a far better time to do it. There is an office for lease in your area that will certainly not damage your bank, but will offer the added area you require for your whole group.

By speaking to a realty agent who takes care of workplace for rental fee, you can discover your dream place without throwing away a great deal of research. They already know the most effective feasible locations as quickly as they are on the marketplace and also on-line. They do all of the searching so that you do not have to take care of it. They understand how much you can save by discussing simply a block or 2 from your ideal area. They recognize the prices and also availability of possible homes across town from where you are currently situated.

There are some offices that can be leased that are totally provided. These are ideal for a person who merely wishes to relocate as well as reach work. It is also excellent for companies that are not monetarily furnished to take care of the expense of a brand-new rental as well as office furnishings. There are office spaces that have remote boardroom. You can have an office situated in Tower Fifteen or the AXA Tower. The Suntec Tower and Albert Complex additionally has area readily available and also waiting on you. It simply depends on what you are seeking.

You need to also have a safety and security alarm that comes geared up with some kind of activity detector so that entry factors in your house such as windows and doors can be safeguarded. Motion detectors will instantly set off an alarm system that would certainly send out a message to the property owner or the cops. It can additionally trigger an alarm that would certainly notify the area in situation of a breach.

You can really arrangement your own alarm system by acquiring DIY packages and it would cost method much less than several professional-grade models. Try asking with at the very least 3 dealers and also identify which one can offer you the ideal bargain or offer.

When you are on the hunt for a security alarm system by https://www.secom.com.sg/products-services/security-alarm-management-services-sms.html, it would certainly make sense to ensure that it has a working smoke alarm to assist keep you on-guard versus fire outbreaks. It may likewise be a smart decision to add a carbon monoxide gas detector, particularly considering that it is virtually impossible to discover this compound without it. Carbon monoxide gas poisoning is fatal and also therefore prompt discovery is crucial.

You need to understand that safety security system are innovative devices as well as it can significantly enhance the safety and security of your house, as a result it would certainly make good sense to buy the best top quality that you budget would allow. Searching for makers or dealers that are in the business for a number of years is an excellent begin. Make certain that the items they offer all included a minimum of 1 year warranty.

It is clear that criminal offense rates are rising to a perpetuity high with each passing day, however that does not suggest you can not do anything to secure your enjoyed ones. With a security system, you can do simply that and it is just one of the most essential investments you can make. With so lots of products to select from, how do you make sure that you are buying the ideal one?

Before you get your safety and security alarm installed, you need to check with the cops about the time it will certainly take prior to they can reply to the alarm sent by your system. It is really vital that your alarm system is correctly configuration given that there may be an opportunity of duds. You can additionally make an inquiry with the maker if there is an option for checking services to ensure that you’ll be sure your house is secure 24-7.

Finding a certified registrar is very important specifically if you are not acquainted with domain name register procedures. Take your time to take a look around for trustworthy registrars that will provide you with security, good client service at fairly cost effective prices. With an approved registrar, you can be sure that they are abiding by lawful online requirements.

Domain name register at Active-Domain can be basic as well as pain-free if you recognize what is called for of you to sign up domain. All you need is the appropriate domain name and also a recognized registrar. Make payment and also your name is all your own for keeps as long as you pay to maintain possession of that domain name with an annual enrollment cost. When you’ve appreciated the advantages when you register domain even if you don’t mean to utilize it quickly, you will recognize why many business park their domain names till such time when they make a decision to use it or offer it.

When you register domain, you can be assured that no person else will be able to have your name, as long as you continue to pay your annual maintenance fee to register domain name under your ownership. With your extremely own Internet identity, you will protect against any kind of competitors from using that name. Purchase up your name in its numerous permutations to maintain rivals at bay. Even if you do not mean to use your domain right now, you can still delight in benefits when you register domain even if you do not intend to use it quickly. Parking your domain name or names is an excellent method to safeguard your business over time. Domain name register is reasonably fuss-free procedure as long as you choose an accredited registrar that will offer you with excellent, safe and also fast solution. Begin to reap your benefits when you sign up domain also if you don’t plan to use it quickly.

You can look for popular keyword phrases to aid you with your domain name option. Making use of any one of these keyword phrases in your name may help you bring in traffic to your website. It is really important that you put in the initiative to come up with the most suitable domain so that you can delight in a little of the advantages when you register domain even if you do not intend to utilize it quickly.

Register domain name is a basic treatment that results in you owning an one-of-a-kind Internet name. A domain name represents an Internet procedure (IP) address and a specific identification for your business purposes. A domain register procedure is easy as well as very easy and allows you to appreciate the advantages when you sign up domain also if you don’t plan to use it quickly.

Remember that sign up domain requires you to send your individual information: points like your name, mailing address, email as well as other technical information consisting of settlement details to refine an enrollment. These information will certainly be made openly available online unless you request to pay a little fee to have your enrollment made personal.

Before you register for a registrar’s services, choosing a name is your foremost crucial step in possessing a domain. Your name must be reflective of your company and also should also be short, easy as well as memorable sufficient for target clients to bear in mind conveniently. You are quit to 63 characters for the domain of your choice and it generally will take much less than 72 hrs before you begin to appreciate the benefits when you register domain even if you don’t mean to use it immediately.

Having the appropriate domain is exceptionally beneficial for your service. One of the initial things you will see is an added feeling of assurance from existing and prospective consumers. An excellent domain will certainly also improve your internet marketing as well as branding. Your function in selecting and then register domain name is to make sure that your particular target audience will certainly find your name easy to remember as well as in turn, your organisation easy to find online.

When you own an organisation that entails circulation of physical products in Singapore, it is important that you work just with the best Singapore warehouse logistics whose solutions suit your demands. The kind of stockroom you pick will certainly matter greatly when it involves the effectiveness of your business. That is due to the fact that your stockroom is more than simply a center for storing your goods. It is additionally where you will be dispersing your merchandise so it reaches your customers. Therefore, you need to pay very close attention when choosing which warehouse firm to take care of.

Do not employ Singapore warehouse logistics at http://www.megaton.com.sg/holistic-services/warehousing/ even if you like exactly how their storehouses look, though. Sure, it is great that the storage facilities you will be making use of are specifically what you required. However prior to you authorize any kind of contracts, ensure that the warehouse service provider you will certainly be collaborating with is economically safe and secure and appreciates a degree of respectability in the market. If you companion with a company that is not fiscally liquid or has a track record for negative methods, the company’s instability and also ill-repute will certainly taint your company as well.

Does it need to be said that the facilities had by the Singapore storage facility logistics you are considering working with are safe? The warehouse must be safeguarded versus possible break-in by a firmly managed safety and security system. Protection versus fire have to be made certain with a working lawn sprinkler and also firefighting paraphernalia. Defense against bugs, insects and the weather need to be in location in the stockroom too.

It is regular for business owners to check just how much the warehousing solution would certainly cost them prior to they think about various other aspects. However, cost is simply one facet of the whole warehousing circumstance. There are other components that you need to ponder upon so that you can generate an optimum solution to your warehousing requires. One component that you should not overlook to look at is where your storage facility is located. The excellent area for your warehouse actually depends upon what your objective for the storehouse is. But whatever you pick, it is vital that the warehouse is close to a major highway or products systems.

It is very vital that you select which warehousing service to work with in relocating your items. Your choice will have a substantial effect on the success of your enterprise. So, you should take great care in picking which Singapore warehouse business to deal with.

In selecting Singapore warehouse logistics, it would certainly be to your best interests if you did an eye inspection of their facilities. It can not be highlighted enough how essential it is that the storage facility you pick is spotless as well as sanitary, specifically if you distribute foodstuff. Bear in mind that the quality of your items is influenced incidentally it is kept. The storehouse you pick need to likewise have sufficient space for real estate your products.

Lastly, you need to have a budget. Your spending plan will certainly aid you choose which Singapore storehouse logistics you should bring your organisation to. You need to get the most optimal warehousing service that your budget plan will certainly enable you to have.

We all know that children spend most of their time playing in the home. Of that time, a majority of it is spent in their bedroom where they are often allowed to leave out and have personal belongings close by. It isn’t something we plan ahead of time. It just happens because that single room is a space that is “theirs”. However, many kids end up bored in their bedroom. Toys become old and their needs change so quickly. If you want to provide your child with something truly special in their space, something that will encourage play rather than boredom; you can do it with an easy furniture upgrade. A new kids bed can transform your child’s world and they will be happy to spend their time in there.

What’s A Kid’s Bed Going to Do?

If you choose a kids bed that is designed specifically for them; they will be able to enjoy it in more ways than using it as a trampoline. A toddler’s bed can become a wild forest filled with lions and tigers and bears. It can be transformed into a circus tent that features all their favorite stuffed animals doing tricks. They can climb up stairs to reach the top bunk and then slide down out of the bed each morning. As their needs change and they stop using their imagination to play; they will still enjoy the comfort of their bed. It may have a few shelves attached to it or even a small table for their favorite stories to read before bed. Teens who may have outgrown their bunk bed will still love the twin bed that remains comfortable and stylish. Its basic colors will also be ideal for their personalization needs and the shelves that you can put in there will match every color that they want to paint their bedroom.

Give Your Child the Perfect Space

No matter which phase of childhood your kids are in at this time, there is a kids bed that can meet or exceed their needs. These beds are designed with kids in mind. They are able to change and grow with your child through every part of growing from infancy through the teenage years. Your child will love it. They will always find comfort in it. And, they will always love the fact that you cared enough about them to give them a bedroom they want to be inside of. Are you ready to give your child the best?

It would be much easier to meet your business objectives and purposes with the assistance of a storage facility storage Singapore dealing with storage space and logistics requirements. See to it you select a warehousing company that can offer you with storage space services that will fit your certain kind of business as well as they need to also have the capability to grow alongside your business too.

You can get a great deal of take advantage of warehouse storage at Megaton.com.sg regardless of if your company is a retailer, a dealer, or an importer/exporter. With warehousing solutions, your company ought to be able to establish its visibility in other nations also if you do not have a branch or office in those areas. If you already have international offices, this will also enhance your company operations there too.

Employing the solutions of a warehouse storage Singapore is the best means to guarantee that your goods or goods will additionally be handled and shipped securely to your clients. By using the most up to date innovation and facility inner control systems, you can have peace of mind understanding that your shipment is risk-free and will certainly arrive to your customers in a timely manner.

By making use of cutting-edge warehousing and also distribution methods, storehouse storage space Singapore can assist your firm realize its goals and also objectives. As an outcome of this, your customers will additionally be pleased with the top quality of your goods and also solutions. You ought to be able to inform a trustworthy warehousing company with its exceptional client service support, cutting-edge delivery monitoring, and replenishment options.

Via the aid of warehouse storage Singapore, your business can profit the stockroom as well as storage optimization versions that they employ, along with the devices as well as assistance that are made to manage your organisation operations. Your company can increase its savings on total expenses whenever storage area is used effectively as you obtain experienced assistance on your logistics needs.

Getting warehousing solutions nowadays suggests more than simply obtaining storage room and also a lot of this relates to the development of the logistics industry. If you make a decision to get storage facility storage Singapore, not only will you be supplied with optimized storage services, you will also benefit from other related services which aim to assist in your organisation procedures as well as in your logistics demands also.

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