Anesthesia Malpractice Seattle WA

You will find several possible malpractice claims involving the use of anesthesia. Anesthesiologists can provide excessive drugs or choose the incorrect drugs to administer. Or they are able to fail to adequately monitor a patient’s vital signs while anesthetized. Whenever a patient has other medical risks, such as cardiovascular disease, special care must be used to avoid adverse events while the patient is anesthetized.

Anesthesia Malpractice

Certain forms of anesthesia, such as local or regional anesthesia, carry risks of injuring nerves, vessels, as well as the spinal cord during needle insertions. Finally, anesthesiologists have a shared responsibility for positioning top of the body during surgery in order to avoid undue pressure on nerves or vessels.

Injuries from anesthesia malpractice can include blindness, respiratory failure, brain damage, kidney failure, and death.

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